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Advanced Port Scanning Menggunakan Naabu


Sebelum menginstal tool ini terlebih dahulu silahkan install golang, jika sudah menginstal naabu.

Note : Catatan: sebelum menginstal naabu, pastikan untuk menginstal pustaka libpcap untuk menangkap paket.

$ sudo apt install -y libpcap-dev
Selanjutya instal nabu dengan menggunakan perintah.
$ GO111MODULE=on go get -v
Jalankan perintah.
$ naabu -h
Outputnya seperti di bawah ini.
$ Usage:
./naabu [flags]

-host string[] hosts to scan ports for (comma-separated)
-list, -l string list of hosts to scan ports (file)
-exclude-hosts, -eh string hosts to exclude from the scan (comma-separated)
-exclude-file, -ef string list of hosts to exclude from scan (file)

-port, -p string ports to scan (80,443, 100-200)
-top-ports, -tp string top ports to scan (default 100)
-exclude-ports, -ep string ports to exclude from scan (comma-separated)
-ports-file, -pf string list of ports to scan (file)
-exclude-cdn, -ec skip full port scans for CDN's (only checks for 80,443)
-display-cdn, -cdn display cdn in use

-c int general internal worker threads (default 25)
-rate int packets to send per second (default 1000)

-o, -output string file to write output to (optional)
-json write output in JSON lines format
-csv write output in csv format

-scan-all-ips, -sa scan all the IP's associated with DNS record
-ip-version, -iv string[] ip version to scan of hostname (4,6) - (default 4)
-scan-type, -s string type of port scan (SYN/CONNECT) (default "s")
-source-ip string source ip and port (x.x.x.x:yyy)
-interface-list, -il list available interfaces and public ip
-interface, -i string network Interface to use for port scan
-nmap invoke nmap scan on targets (nmap must be installed) - Deprecated
-nmap-cli string nmap command to run on found results (example: -nmap-cli 'nmap -sV')
-r string list of custom resolver dns resolution (comma separated or from file)
-proxy string socks5 proxy (ip[:port] / fqdn[:port]
-proxy-auth string socks5 proxy authentication (username:password)
-resume resume scan using resume.cfg
-stream stream mode (disables resume, nmap, verify, retries, shuffling, etc)
-passive display passive open ports using shodan internetdb api
-irt, -input-read-timeout duration timeout on input read (default 3m0s)
-no-stdin Disable Stdin processing

-sn, -host-discovery Run Host Discovery scan
-ps, -probe-tcp-syn string[] TCP SYN Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
-pa, -probe-tcp-ack string[] TCP ACK Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
-pe, -probe-icmp-echo ICMP echo request Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
-pp, -probe-icmp-timestamp ICMP timestamp request Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
-pm, -probe-icmp-address-mask ICMP address mask request Ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
-arp, -arp-ping ARP ping (host discovery needs to be enabled)
-nd, -nd-ping IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (host discovery needs to be enabled)

-retries int number of retries for the port scan (default 3)
-timeout int millisecond to wait before timing out (default 1000)
-warm-up-time int time in seconds between scan phases (default 2)
-ping ping probes for verification of host
-verify validate the ports again with TCP verification

-health-check, -hc run diagnostic check up
-debug display debugging information
-verbose, -v display verbose output
-no-color, -nc disable colors in CLI output
-silent display only results in output
-version display version of naabu
-stats display stats of the running scan
-si, -stats-interval int number of seconds to wait between showing a statistics update (default 5)
Contoh command bassic yang bisa kamu gunakan.
$ naabu -host
Untuk menyesuaikan port yang di scn kamu bisa menggunakan flag-ports, berikut nilai flag-ports yang bisa kita guanakan.

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